Hampshire Field Championship

The annual Field Tournament at Fort Purbrook on the 12th & 13th August incorporated the Hampshire & SCAS championships.  The weather at the Fort was changeable on Saturday, with some rain and a fair breeze.  Sunday had one short sharp cloudburst and then was fine all day, but the wind picked up making some shots very tricky in the blustery conditions.

The team at Fort Purbrook had laid a good course, with a few tricky shots - using the layout of the fort to good effect. A new "SHEEP call" was introduced at assembly, to halt shooting in the event of an animal incursion, but was not used although the sheep did make the odd appearance throughout the weekend.

The event was attended by 92 archers, with Hampshire archers competing in 13 of the 21 categories.  Hampshire results, top 3, were as follows. 

American Flatbow - Ladies U15 - Katy Hawley (FP), Gold
Asiatic - Gents - David Mahers (OvBA), Gold
Barebow - Gents - Rob Aldridge (OvBA), Gold
                               Terry Edwards (OvBA), Silver
                               Peter Rose (AofJ), Bronze
Barebow - Ladies - Jacqueline Marsh (OS), Gold
Barebow - Ladies U18 - Faith Littlechild (FP), Gold
Compound Barebow - Ladies - Andrea Beddard-Smith (WWB), Gold
Compound - Gents - John Foley (FP), Gold
                                   Kevin Cassidy (FofB), Silver
                                   Barry Brown (FP), Bronze
Longbow - Gents - Daniel Hawley (FP), Gold
                               Graham Wheatley (AGB), Silver
                               Tom Weaver (FP), Bronze
Recurve - Gents - Richard Buckner (OvBA), Gold
                              Martin Brown (PAC), Silver
                             John Taylor (FofB), Bronze
Recurve - Gents U15 - Zac Dickenson (FP), Gold
                                     Jonah Kettell (FP), Silver
Recurve - Ladies - Lisa Warren (FP), Gold
Recurve - Ladies U15 (White Peg) - Jessica Logan, Gold
Traditional - Gents - Steve Allam (OvBA), Gold
                                  Angus Falcon-Relf (OvBA), Silver
                                  Andrew Weaver (FP), Bronze

Full results can be found in the 'Results' section.


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Archery is a sport for all ages and abilities and is great for families. There are over 30 archery clubs in Hampshire and most offer beginners courses. If you interested in trying archery get in touch with one of the clubs listed here.