Time for an update of our very own HAA County Rankings, based upon an archer's best scores in 3 x WA 1440 and 3 x WA 720 rounds.

HAA County Rankings – Updated 1st August 2018


Sonnie Emeny                    5491

Richard Buckner                5409

James Towle                      5226

Chris Baigent                     5086

Symon Davis                      5043

Julian Piper                        4563

Tim Campbell                    4384

Andy Caine                        3997

James Wrigley                   3949

Ciaran Finn                        3050


Lisa Gray                           5463

Sarah Lupton                     5243

Rachel van Besouw          4934

Hannah Mitchell                4759

Gina Whitlock                    4576

Abbie Loader                     3984

Charlotte Baigent              3870


Lee Miller                            6105

Mark Haldane                     6046

Lee Grace                           6042

Nathan Warr                       6004

Darren Upfield                    5866

Les MacPherson                5848

Francis Rocha                    5741

Mike Marquand                  5151

Jacob Caine                       4707


Ruth Watson                      6032

Vicky Loader                      5994

Zoe Gray                            5964

Sophie Meyrick                  5847

Gen Witham                      5824

Jeanette Holder                 5739

Pat Hotchkiss                    5173

Angela Perrett                   3784


Barry du Crow                   3714

Nigel Kelly                         3276

Steve Yates                       2015

Brian Vaughan                  1443


Tina Grace                        1877


Alan Holder                       4200

Nick Hayball                      3924

Brett Stringer                     3685


Tina Grace                        2005

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DWAA vs Hampshire inter-county match for 2018 was held today as part of the Andover WA 1440. Teams of 4 Recurve and 4 Compound would be formed by selecting the best scoring archers in each discipline. Many archers were unable to cope with the horrible weather conditions with torrential rain and high winds with accompanying gusts of over 40 mph so by the end of the day, the number of competitors was much reduced from original entry of nearly 200. However, both DWAA and Hampshire still had enough brave and hardy archers to fill the Recurve and Compound teams!

The match resulted in a win for Hampshire by a score of 9683 to 9004.

The Hampshire Archers who formed the team were:

Rachel van Besouw          1075

Hannah Mitchell                1025

Julian Piper                       1172

James Towle                    1123

Vicky Loader                     1315

Ruth Watson                     1307

Lee Grace                         1346

Darren Upfield                  1320

Other Hampshire squad members who took part:

Symon Davis

Tim Campbell

Gina Whitlock

Gen Witham

Les MacPherson                                                                                                                                                                           

Congratulations to you all for completing the tournament and Many Thanks for maintaining my 100% record as team manager. Special congratulations also to those of you who won some superb trophies for your performance over the weekend - Ruth Watson (Gold) and Vicky Loader (Bronze) in the Ladies Compound, James Towle (Bronze) Gents Recurve and Lee Grace (Bronze) Gents Compound!

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I have had numerous record claims since taking over and it has become clear that some people aren't too sure about how to claim records. Here are some pointers,

  • Records need to be claimed within 6 months of the shoot taking place
  • More than 1 record can be taken in a single day for example for any WA1440 you could claim 7 records. The round it's self, the long metric, short metric and all four individual distances.
  • On Imperial distances (York, Hereford, Bristol's) you can also claim for the corresponding national round
  • When claiming please include the results sheet, the claim form and a picture of the applicable score sheet. This may be done via email or Postal. The scoresheet is very helpful should any tie break happen.
  • Tie breaks will be decided as follows 

(i) Archery GB Imperial Rounds.
Award Based On       1st Tie Break            2nd Tie Break
              Score              Hits                           Golds
              Hits                 Score                        Golds
              Golds              Score                        Hits
(ii) Archery GB Metric Rounds
Award Based On      1st Tie Break             2nd Tie Break
              Score              Tens (inc X's)            X's
              Tens                X's                            Score

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We have had to make a change to the arrangements for this year's Dorset & Wilts v Hampshire Inter-County match. Because the DWAA Double WA 70/50 at Salisbury on 5th August is not record status, the decision has been taken to hold the match as part of the Andover WA 1440 on Sunday 29th July. There will be mixed gender teams of 4, compound and recurve. Selection will be on the basis of the top 4 scoring archers in each discipline. Apologies for the very late notice. Hopefully next year we can manage to arrange this match much earlier!

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Congratulations to the group of HAA Junior Archers who took part in a three-way inter-county match at Supermarine on Sunday 22nd July against Oxford and Dorset & Wilts. There was little wind but it was a blisteringly hot day which made shooting very hard work. The match resulted in a win for the team from Oxford with Hampshire in second place just 100 points behind. The four highest scores from each county formed the teams and for Hampshire it was Saskia Meyrick, Abi Creese, Katy Westwood and Charlotte Williams. The others in the HAA squad were Paul Williams and Kerry Stringer.

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Hampshire Archery Association is the home of archery in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands in the UK. The Association is affiliated to SCAS (Southern Counties Archery Society) and Archery GB (GNAS) who are the governing body for the sport in the UK.

Archery is a sport for all ages and abilities and is great for families. There are over 50 archery clubs in Hampshire and most offer beginners courses. If you interested in trying archery get in touch with one of the clubs listed here.