Good Evening Everyone, we are now good to go with the proposed SCAS Indoor Postal League. The information that follows was received today by email from the organisers:

Southern Counties Indoor Postal League 2019

Organiser Stuart Barber This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Silo Dave Chudley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • • Round - Portsmouth
    • Straight league - All counties submitting and ranked in team order for each bow style.
    • Bowstyles – ▪ Recurve (8 archers to count)
    ▪ Compound (6 to count)
    ▪ Longbow (5 to count)
    ▪ Barebow (4 to count),
    ▪ Junior Mixed bow styles (8 to count)
    • If a county has no archers for a bow style, then they are not listed in that bow styles results for the month/league results.
    • Juniors Mixed team to have a handicap as follows (Recurve - as scored, Longbow and Barebow plus 20% , Compound minus 10%) These have been worked out using the last 3 years of Hertfordshire data.
    • All scores submitted will count, up to the maximum for that bow style. If less than the stated team size then the number of scores submitted will count.
    • All archers are expected to follow their counties normal submission criteria. All scores are submitted to the "SCAS Indoor Leagues Organiser" (SILO) - Dave Chudley, by a County Officer/ Team Manager etc. No archers are to submit directly to SILO. Any scores submitted directly to the SILO will be ignored.
    • All scores submitted must be shot before the 21st and submitted to the SILO by the 28th of the month. (this is to put a little pressure on the teams to simulate an actual meeting)
    • Scores submitted must list County, Archer, date shot, Score, Hits, xs. (maybe run an individual league also, just for bragging rights)
    • All Scores to be submitted on the spread sheet / word document supplied only.
    • This year’s league is bragging rights only. Other years could possibly involve SCAS medals etc
    • All teams where possible, should be contain members of the opposite sex.

Any problems then please contact – Stuart Barber - Hertfordshire County Chairman . 07753 681315

OK, so if you want to be part of this as so many of you indicated when it was originally suggested:


SEND YOUR SCORES TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I will collate the scores and the teams will be formed from the highest scoring archers up to the maximum number per team.

Please note, I will not chase scores. If they are not submitted or they arrive too late, you will not be included. Help me to help you and together we can make the Hampshire County Archery Team a force to be feared!

Nick Loader

HAA Team Manager


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Good Morning Everyone,

At last night's HAA Exec meeting it was agreed that we can start making plans for the 2019 National Inter-Counties. Decision has not yet been made as to how many teams we are going to enter although my current thinking is 1 each Gents/Ladies Recurve, 2 each Gents/Ladies Compound, 1 each Gents/Ladies Barebow and 1 Gents Longbow. Each team will comprise 3 archers. Happy to reconsider this depending on level of interest but teams will need to be of an acceptable standard.

The event will be held at Lilleshall on the weekend of 29th and 30th June 2019. Normal event format is: Saturday morning 70/50m ranking round. Saturday afternoon team H2Hs and Sunday WA 1440.

Our policy for team selection is to use the HAA Rankings that were produced at the end of the 2018 outdoor season with the addition of those HAA archers who were not included in the rankings due to being part of the GB National squad. Final selection will depend on who is prepared to take part!

Please note, for this event, HAA will cover the cost of the entry fees (in 2018 it was nearly £100.00 per team) but will not pay expenses. Travel/accommodation will be down to you!

Final decision on entries will be made early next year. Final decision on who makes the teams will be made as soon as possible thereafter to enable participants to make arrangements for travel/accommodation.

Please get back to me if you are interested in being considered for this prestigious event.

Many Thanks

HAA Team Manager

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2019 Hampshire Indoors Championship Weekend

2nd /3rd February

For Prospectus and Entry Forms go to 'Events'

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Congratulations to Hampshire Archer Jennifer Collins from Old Basing Archers for taking Bronze in the Team Open Recurve and Gold in the Womans Open Recurve at the Invictus Games in Sydney.


Here are the official results:


25 October 2018 16:28 Team Open Recurve - Quarter Final 3   

RankNationNameEnd 1End 2End 3End 4Result 

UK United Kingdom   49 34 46 44 6 Q

POL Poland   34 41 44 39 2  

25 October 2018 17:09 Team Open Recurve - Semi Final 2

RankNationNameEnd 1End 2End 3End 4Result 

ROU Romania   50 50 51 55 5 Q

UK United Kingdom   50 51 42 44 3  

26 October 2018 10:09 Team Open Recurve - Bronze Medal Contest   

RankNationNameEnd 1End 2End 3End 4ResultMedal

UK United Kingdom   48 43 46 43 6 Bronze

NED Netherlands   49 41 37 42 2  


25 October 2018 09:00 Women's Open Recurve - Qualification   

RankNationNameEnd 1End 2End 3End 4End 5Result 

UK Collins, Jennifer       259 268 527 Q

25 October 2018 15:06 Women's Open Recurve - Quarter Final 1   


UK Collins, Jennifer

25 October 2018 15:46 Women's Open Recurve - Semi Final 1   

RankNationNameEnd 1End 2End 3End 4End 5Result 

UK Collins, Jennifer 26 28 28     6 Q

USA Stolberg, Hannah Marguerite 11 21 24     0  

26 October 2018 14:26 Women's Open Recurve - Gold Medal Contest   

RankNationNameEnd 1End 2End 3End 4End 5ResultMedal

UK Collins, Jennifer 27 22 28 23 27 6 Gold

AUS McKinley, Jocelyn 23 24 23 25 26 4 Silver



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Now that the outdoor season is finally over, we are able to publish the final standings in the HAA County Rankings. It has been a wonderful year for many of our Hampshire archers with outstanding performances in both the Senior and Junior categories. Congratulations to all of you for your UK National Records, County and Club Records, representing GB and England and winning untold trophies and medals. Enjoy your indoor season and come back refreshed and ready to compete again next spring!




Chris Baigent                       5732

Sonnie Emeny                     5496

Richard Buckner                  5409

James Towle                        5260

Julian Piper                          5210

James Wrigley                     5069

Peter Parsons                      5056

Symon Davis                        5043

Matthew Brown                    4941

Tim Campbell                      4384

Ciaran Finn                          4062

Andy Caine                          3997


Lisa Gray                             5508

Sarah Lupton                       5243

Rachel van Besouw            4978

Charlotte Baigent                4908

Hannah Mitchell                  4803

Georgina Whitlock              4576

Abbie Loader                      3984


Lee Miller                            6107

Mark Haldane                     6048

Lee Grace                           6043

Nathan Warr                       6004

Francis Rocha                    5954

Darren Upfield                    5876

Les MacPherson                5868

Mike Marquand                   5828

Jacob Caine                       4708

Heath Perrett                      4408

David Minter                       2961


Ruth Watson                       6054

Vicky Loader                       6014

Zoe Gray                             5964

Sophie Meyrick                   5887

Gen Witham                        5880

Angela Perrett                     5749

Jeanette Holder                   5739

Pat Hotchkiss                      5173


Barry du Crow                     3714

Nigel Kelly                           3332

Steve Yates                         2746

Thomas Blumensath           2730

Brian Vaughan                    1443


Tina Grace                            1877


Alan Holder                           4252

Nick Hayball                          3924

Brett Stringer                         3685


Tina Grace                            3626




Luke Davis                            189

Paul Williams                        207


Jodie Buckner                       120

Mollie Perrett                        133

Aspen Salisbury                   146

Saskia Meyrick                     152

Katy Westwood                    168

Abi Creese                           172

Charlotte Williams                181

Aliyah Ramirez                    256


Harvey Chalton                    149

Oliver Blake                          165


Sophie Meyrick                     54

Grace Belmonte                  106


Kerry Stringer                      270


Jish Birch                            250

Ethan Tollervey                   270


Eden Grundy                       175

Maia Daborn                       226

Olivia Buxton                       227

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Hampshire Archery Association is the home of archery in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands in the UK. The Association is affiliated to SCAS (Southern Counties Archery Society) and Archery GB (GNAS) who are the governing body for the sport in the UK.

Archery is a sport for all ages and abilities and is great for families. There are over 50 archery clubs in Hampshire and most offer beginners courses. If you interested in trying archery get in touch with one of the clubs listed here.