I have had numerous record claims since taking over and it has become clear that some people aren't too sure about how to claim records. Here are some pointers,

  • Records can only be claimed by HAA affiliated members shooting records on behalf of a HAA affiliated club
  • Records need to be claimed within 6 months of the shoot taking place. Records cannot be claimed retrospectively
  • Records must be shot at 'open' shoots. Closed shoots will not be accepted.
  • Competitions should also have a Judge or Field Captain
  • More than 1 record can be taken in a single day for example for any WA1440 you could claim 7 records. The round it's self, the long metric, short metric and all four individual distances.
  • On Imperial distances (York, Hereford, Bristol's) you can also claim for the corresponding National round (a picture of the score sheet MUST be supplied for the record to be ratified)
  • When claiming please include the results sheet, the claim form and a picture of the applicable score sheet. This may be done via email or Postal. The score sheet is very helpful should any tie break happen.
  • Tie breaks will be decided as follows

    (i) Archery GB Imperial Rounds.
    Award Based On 1st Tie Break 2nd Tie Break
    Score Hits Gold's
     Hits  Score  Gold's
     Gold's  Score  Hits

    (ii) Archery GB Metric Rounds
    Award Based On 1st Tie Break 2nd Tie Break
    Score Tens (inc X's) X's
    Tens X's Score

Click here to download a claim form.


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Archery is a sport for all ages and abilities and is great for families. There are over 50 archery clubs in Hampshire and most offer beginners courses. If you interested in trying archery get in touch with one of the clubs listed here.