Scores are based on an archer’s best three WA 50/70 rounds and best three WA 1440 rounds. Where an archer has not shot the required six rounds, the missing rounds are shown in brackets. Only archers with 4 or more completed rounds are included in the lists.


Sonnie Emeny                    5478

Richard Buckner                 5388

James Towle                      5108

Chris Baigent                      5086  (1 x 70)

Tim Campbell                     4384

Symon Davis                      3864  (1 x 1440)


Lisa Gray                            5398

Sarah Lupton                      5243

Rachel Van Besouw           4934

Hannah Mitchell                 4647

Gina Whitlock                     4403

Abbie Loader                     3984  (1 x 1440)

Charlotte Baigent               3859  (2 x 70)


Lee Miller                           6105

Mark Haldane                    6046

Lee Grace                          6031

Darren Upfield                   5837

Francis Rocha                   5741

Nathan Warr                      5339  (1 x 50)

Mike Marquand                 5151  (1 x 50)

Les MacPherson               4580  (1 x 1440)

Jacob Caine                      3396  (2 x 1440)

David Minter                      2942  (2 x 1440)


Ruth Watson                     6012

Vicky Loader                     5990

Zoe Gray                           5964

Gen Witham                      5824

Jeanette Holder                5739

Pat Hotchkiss                   3926  (1 each)

Angela Perrett                  3784  (1 each)


Barry du Crow                  3713

Nigel Kelly                        3264

Steve Yates                      1474  (1 each)

Brian Vaughan                  1443  (2 x 1440)


Tina Grace                        1784


Alan Holder                       4200

Nick Hayball                      3912

Brett Stringer                     2219


Tina Grace                        2005  (2 x 1440)

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At Archery GB AGM Bronze Plaquettes were awarded to Carla Piper and Lee Miller for their work carried out on various National Committees.  This is a most prestigious award and well deserved by both receipients for a huge amount of work they both do in archery, both in front and behind the scenes.

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Well done to Maia Daborn, Jodie Buckner and Alex Allum who were invited by AGB to spend a day at Lilleshall with Patrick Huston and Lloyd Brown.  Maia was invited in recognition of being the youngest Level 2 Coach and Jodie and Alex as top junior scorers.  All had a throughly enjoyable time and Maia had a 'hands-on' opportunity to partake in coaching.

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Andover Archers will be hosting a new junior only shoot this year with the inaugural event taking place at their Foxcotte Park range on Sunday 19th August 2018.

The tournament will comprise Metric 1 to Metric 5 rounds as appropriate to age. It will be a UK Record Status event so is limited to archers under 18 years of age. Awards will be given for all disciplines and genders in four age groups – under 18, under 16, under 14 and under 12.

Entries can be made online via the Andover Archers website where you can also download an entry form to complete and send by post if you prefer.


Contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Hampshire archers at the British Field Championships, staged by Overton Black Arrows.
Highest achievements:
British Champion         Miss Jodie Buckner – Overton Black Arrows – U15 recurve
British Champion         Miss Anna Catling – Fort Purbrook Co of Archers - U18 AFB
Silver medal                Daniel Hawley- Fort Purbrook Co of Archers - Gents L/B
Silver medal                Janine Richter - Fort Purbrook Co of Archers - Ladies AFB
4th                               Sarah Lupton - Forest of Bere - Ladies Recurve
5th                               Michael Berriman - Raven Field Archers -Gents Traditional
6th                               Jamie Cole - Raven Field Archers - Gents Compound Unlimited
10th                             John Foley - Raven Field Archers - Gents Compound Unlimited
11th                             Kevin Cassidy – Forest of Bere - Gents Compound Unlimited
6th                               Christopher Baigent – Waterside Archers - Gents Recurve
8th                               Richard Buckner - Overton Black Arrows - Gents Recurve
13th                             Julian Piper – Andover Archers - Gents Recurve
16th                             Steve Allam - Overton Black Arrows - Gents Recurve
18th                             Stephen List - Fort Purbrook Co of Archers - Gents Recurve
16th                             William Jones - Overton Black Arrows - Gents B/B.
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Hampshire Archery Association is the home of archery in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands in the UK. The Association is affiliated to SCAS (Southern Counties Archery Society) and Archery GB (GNAS) who are the governing body for the sport in the UK.

Archery is a sport for all ages and abilities and is great for families. There are over 50 archery clubs in Hampshire and most offer beginners courses. If you interested in trying archery get in touch with one of the clubs listed here.